Truck Driver
Mark (aged 49) is so chuffed. It’s the first time he’s ever had a therapy that’s had any effect, and it’s the first time since he can remember that his body feels straight and he hasn’t been in agony when he first gets up in the morning and walks down the stairs.
(Tara G. July 2010)

One-to-One Treatments


Climb on to the couch and enjoy!

- Both traditional Bowen Therapy and advanced NST treatment help to relieve your pain, free up stiff aching joints and muscles, and improve flexibility and mobility.

- Treatments are regularly available from the specialist of Worcestershire (Malvern), Gloucestershire (Stroud) and Herefordshire, in this ground-breaking pain-relief technique.

- Up to 90% of clients report effective, sustained pain relief with NST or Bowen Therapy.


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Talks, Training Courses and Continued Professional Development (CPD)


BOWEN FOR BEGINNERS – To Get you Started!
Two-day Introductory Course:
Background and overview of this exciting hands-on therapy for pain relief; also theory, instruction and practice in essential introductory Bowen treatment. Excellent refresher material for ‘old hands’ too!
‘Come away with skills to help your friends and family.’


BOWEN INTERMEDIATE, AND BOWEN ADVANCED – For Bowen Improvers and other Bodyworkers
The ‘New Approach’ to hands-on bodywork: a 1-day Bowen Refresher or 2-day Training Course.
An ideal ‘add-on’ for osteopaths, chiropractors and other bodyworkers to develop new skills, and a great opportunity for all practitioners.

I give a Certificate of Attendance at the end of each course for 7 hours tuition daily. It is not a qualification… so you are strongly encouraged to practice on ‘friends and family’.


Invitations to speak at National Associations, Special Interest Groups, W.I.’s, and Village halls about ‘The World of Bowen’ are always appreciated and fulfilled.

Novices can test the water for a possible career option.
Practitioners learn gently and quickly no more heavy-duty massage or ‘reflexologist thumbs’!
Clients’ results are generally more readily obtained and sustained.
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Read Tim's Article Positive Health Online

Read Tim's Article
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