Town Crier

You expect to get pulled about in a treatment... but not this Bowen stuff... well, after two days the pain was dramatically reduced... Amazing!

(Alan, Town Crier, Gloucester, 1997)

BOWEN THERAPY AND NST (The technical bit)

What is Bowen Therapy? What is NST? Other developments?

Bowen Therapy is a hands-on restorative therapy which can be applied through light clothing. It was pioneered in Australia in the 1950s and 60s by Tom Bowen.

NeuroStructural Integration Technique (NST) is based on Bowen’s later work which was more osteopathic in nature. It is the only Bowen therapy to have been rigorously tested, it usually gives quicker and more permanent results than traditional Bowen Technique, and I use NST with the majority of my clients. I no longer teach it.

Other variants include Neural Touch, Fascial Release, Smart Bowen, etc, all based on Bowen’s original work.

Bowen Therapy has a remarkable record of success with clients affected by a wide range of conditions… often when nothing else has helped. Nerves, muscles and fasciae are activated and ‘energy blocks’ released by the cross-fibre muscle-rolling technique, which allows the body’s systems to rebalance. This promotes healing, a sense of well-being, and freedom from pain and stress.

Bowen/NST is suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

It’s the Person, not the Problem!
For twenty years I have successfully treated people with bad backs and necks, frozen shoulder or RSI, shin splints and foot pains, panic attacks or asthma, dental problems, hay fever and headaches… How come such a wide range of ‘challenges’? Because NST and Bowen do not treat the problem. They treat the PERSON.

‘Improvement’ Rates – Up to 90%
Over a range of different issues, 60% of my clients reported a good-to-excellent improvement, 30% noticeable improvement, and 10% no change.
These results were taken from a review of the records of 600 clients in 1997-2002. Patients needed an average of four treatments, and the age range treated was from 6 weeks to 96 years.

Bowen in Sports
A growing number of athletes and their physios are discovering that regular Bowen treatments enhance performance and reduce the incidence of injury. When they do get injured, Bowen Therapy brings rapid relief and gets them back to the game more quickly.

Essential Self-help
Drink at least 1.5 litres (about 8 glasses) of pure water daily and take plenty of exercise. Ensure you have an alkaline diet. Fresh veg is vital, and also check if you need to alkalise your drinking water. ‘Alkalife’ drops are a good option.


Mark (Truck driver aged 49)
is so chuffed. He says it’s the first time he’s ever had a therapy that’s had any effect, and it’s the first time since he can remember that his body felt straight and he hasn’t been in agony when he first gets up in the morning and walks down the stairs.
(Frome, July 2010)


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