Since having a treatment with you I feel much more energetic, and also able to express myself authentically. This has improved my work and is having an impact on my personal relationships as well. It's re-inspired me to carry on with my healing and explore other avenues… so thank you!
(Ellie, Glastonbury, June 2011)

Testimonials and Inspiration

Gut Feelings

Some years back in Bosnia (2001) I gave a short Bowen treatment for his knees to Vlado, a metalworker. On standing up again, a smile of amazement spread across his face, and with delight he pointed at his previously numb toes, exclaiming “I can feel my ‘fingers’ again - after so long time”.

In 2010 on the Annapurna circuit in Nepal one night, a Swedish trekker complained of such neck and shoulder pain that my hands came out once more – to work on that beautiful blonde: the pain became immediately worse for a short while, but by the morning it was completely gone!

It gives me a warm, rewarding gut feeling to ‘make a difference’ in these situations, and ever since discovering the Bowen Technique in 1995, and NST a few years after, I have often been able to make that difference to family, friends and clients.

With a little tuition, so could you!

Justin, Malvern (2013-14)

Problem in Nov 2013
Malvern Gazette Nov 2013: “Distraught Malvern Dad… collapses in agony… intense pain feels as if stabbed… the pain is off the scale”.

NHS specialist: ‘No precise diagnosis. Suspected sciatica. Operation not advisable’.

NST solution by Jan 2014 Justin: “The pain is not all gone yet… but I can fix a curtain rail again and empty the bins!… I am moving about so much more easily and have no problem drawing breath… I can now lie on my back comfortably for the first time in months, without pain in my right leg. I think I am almost ready to go back to work after about ten weeks… I may even come on one of your courses to learn some Bowen!”


Wartime Veteran (demo model at a talk!)

After a short treatment this grizzled 70-year-old Slovak got up, stretched, exclaimed loudly that his back and shoulder pain of 41 years had almost gone, engulfed me in his arms and kissed me on both cheeks. (Krivany, Slovakia, 1996)


Hill runner, and Carer (Forest of Dean)

Hey Tim – I couldn't even walk without pain let alone run. But now… 3 mile run, 40 mins yoga, 40 sit-ups, no back pain… Bowen rocks!
And treatment makes me feel like a whole new person; not just pain free, but as a whole… amazing!! (Forest of Dean, 2015)

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